Tubal Reversal

Tubal reversal (Tubal Anastamosis) is a surgical procedure for women who have had a tubal ligation (also called having the "Tubes Tied").  Women who have this as their only cause of infertility may be good candidates for this procedure.  This is an outpatient surgery, where patients typically go home the first day.  If the procedure is successful, pregnancy rates are up to 70%. 

There are many types of sterilization procedures.  In essence the same thing is accomplished by all sterilization techniques: a segment of tube is removed or destroyed.  Unfortunately, reversal of sterilization procedures is not as simple as removing a clip or a band.  Additionally, not all type of "tubals" can be surgically undone. (See chart below)

Factors determining success rates for tubal anastomosis age of the patient type of sterilization procedure length of remaining fallopian tube other existing pelvic disease (endometriosis,pelvic adhesions) sperm count skill and expertise of the surgeon.  We would like the patient to bring a copy of the operative and pathology reports from the hospital where the procedure was performed if possible. 

Our doctors are trained in microsurgical and laparoscopic tubal anastomosis. Whether or not an anastomosis can be
performed and the best type of anastomosis will require review of your sterilization procedure and a consultation with one of the physicians.  We offer a set price for this procedure, which is typically not covered by insurance unfortunately.  The price is very competitive and makes this an attractive option for women without other causes of infertility.  Following the initial consultation, a few tests will need to be done (including a semen analysis) to make sure that there are no other potential infertility factors to ensure that tubal reversal is the right choice for you.

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